VLT® Advanced Active Filter AAF 006

The flexible filter for central/decentral harmonic mitigation

The VLT® Advanced Active Filter AAF 006 improves system efficiency and increases grid robustness to avoid downtime. It can compensate for individual drives or it can be installed as a compact standalone solution at a point of common coupling to compensate for several loads simultaneously.

The active filter ensures optimal harmonic suppression independent of the number of loads and their individual load profile. In addition, it corrects the power factor and balances the phase load to provide optimal energy utilization.

Line voltage and filter current*

  • 380-480 V…190-400 A

*Additional voltage ranges and filter currents are available on request.

Features and benefits

The lifetime of electronics are prolonged thanks to innovative concepts such as back-channel cooling

Durability and reliable operation is improved thanks to coated PCBs

A high degree of customization is possible due to the wide range of options

Running costs are low as a result of features such as sleep mode, progressive switching frequency and power factor correction

Servicing is easy due to the modular design

Related applications

A range of applications for the water and wastewater, marine, oil and gas and mining industries.