VACON® NXP Common DC Bus

Easy integration – ultimate flexibility

The VACON® NXP range of common DC bus drive products includes a number of active front-ends, inverters and brake chopper units. They ensure all energy within a system is effectively utilized and redistributed.

Common DC bus components can be used in many different combinations. In a regenerative DC bus system, the active front-end unit generates power back to the mains network. This is suitable for processes where braking is needed often and the braking power is relatively high. In a non-regenerative system, braking power is redistributed to other drives in the system and possible excess power can be dissipated as heat using an optional brake chopper and brake resistors. This is ideal for small production lines where braking is needed less often.

NXA, NXN, NXB and NXI configurations
Active Front-end (NXA), Non-regenerative Front-end (NXN), Brake Chopper (NXB) and Inverter (NXI) configurations are available.
For more information about these configurations please refer to the VACON® NXP Common DC Bus selection guide.

Supply voltages and power range

Inverter units

  • 3 x 380-500 V…1.5-1850 kW
  • 3 x 525-690 V…3-2000 kW

Features and benefits

Reduced energy costs as regenerative front-end feeds excess braking energy back into the network

Investment costs are low as a result of reduced power cabling and installation time

Cost and space savings as optimized module design reduces need for additional engineering and cabinet space

Lower system complexity thanks to five built-in expansion slots for additional I/O, fieldbus and functional safety boards

Improvements in drive line-up tolerance to voltage dips/sags and minimized harmonic distortion are possible as a result of the active front-end unit

Easy installation of compact option boards