VACON® 3000

    Individually tailored to meet the toughest MV requirements

    Heavy duty industries face some of the most complex and competitive engineering environments on the planet. Your industry and your applications demand adaptability in medium-voltage drives, where reliability, robustness, space and weight are crucial – and downtime is a disaster.

    The VACON® 3000 is the only medium-voltage drive (MV drive) available, which accommodates flexible arrangements, straightforward system integration and easy maintenance.

    The modular advantage

    This range of modular medium-voltage (MV) drives empowers systems integrators and OEMs, delivering a whole new approach to attaining the ultimate in performance, exactly tailored to the needs of each application.


    Danfoss Drives works with selected, qualified partners to push the boundaries of the medium-voltage drives market to deliver something you have never seen before.

    This means that when owning or running a system with medium-voltage drives installed, you can discuss your needs in depth with our Medium Voltage Partners, to define a design encompassing the ultimate and exact characteristics you expect of an MV drive.

    Supply voltages and power range

    Continuous rating (variable torque)

    • 3300 V….2430-7030 kVA
    • 4160 V….2450-7060 kVA

    Low overload 110% (constant torque)

    • 3300 V….2210-6390 kVA
    • 4160 V….2230-6420 kVA

    High overload 150% (constant torque)

    • 3300 V….1620-4680 kVA
    • 4160 V….1630-4060 kVA

    Features and benefits

    Modular concept

    Facilitates flexible, compact solutions for space-sensitive applications

    Simplified pre-charge unit design

    Get a fast, safe power up, over and over again

    Needs no pre-charging resistors, and limits the inrush current

    Flexible front end configuration options

    Diode Front End (DFE) based 12-pulse configuration

    Other variants available on request including dynamic brake chopper unit

    Active Front End (AFE) option for regenerative braking and low harmonics

    Easy to operate, with the familiar VACON® interface and Ethernet connectivity.

    Simple to build in

    Integrated filters and chokes for fewer components

    Single-phase modules with grounded heatsink simplify service

    Compact and robust, liquid-cooled modules


    The VACON® 3000 portfolio is continually expanding. For detailed technical data and product availability, please contact your local Danfoss medium-voltage specialist.