VACON® 100 X

Maximum performance in demanding environments

VACON® 100 X features highly advanced control capability for almost all kinds of applications where a decentralized and robust solution is the best option. All the power components, including harmonic filtering chokes, are built into one compact and robust unit. A single terminal box contains the control unit and all the drive’s wiring freeing up space elsewhere.

The IP66/Type 4X Outdoor enclosure makes the drive suitable for use in harsh environments. It can be placed either onto the motor or as close to the motor equipment as possible. This makes it ideal for retrofitting, rooftop applications and with machinery that is subject to regular wash-downs. Cabinets, shielded cabling and electrical rooms are unnecessary.

The large cooling ribs on the front of the drive enclosure provide cooling without collecting dust. They allow full access to the heatsink and can be cleaned with pressurized water making them easy to maintain and ensuring reliable operation.

Supply voltages and power range

  • 3 x 208-240 V…1.1-15 kW
  • 3 x 380-500 V…1.1-37 kW

Features and benefits

Able to withstand harsh conditions such as heat, dirt and vibrations

Easy to keep clean

Flexible installation and, with built-in harmonic filtering chokes, it is suitable for public networks

Integrated Ethernet communication and Safe Torque Off (STO)

Mountable in any position and fits into any available space